About Us

In 2003, Pinky Rose Boutique was born of my amazing mom, Pinky Marcia Charles. She hails from Port of Spain, Trinidad but then moved to East London, then NY, then finally to California. My mother had a passion for fashion and design from the time she could remember. Every place she traveled to or lived in inspired more love for fashion and added to her own creativity. She acted on that love and started her career in fashion retail at the age of sixteen at Loehmanns in New York CIty.   


Pinky Marcia's career has been multi-faceted. Although her first passion was for fashion and design, my mom is also a talented dancer and performer. For a few years in the flavorful 80’s, Pinky Marcia traveled on the road performing with Pepsi Cola’s show “Star Search” and performed daily as a Tina Turner and Whitney Houston impersonator. 


Shortly thereafter I (Marlena) was born. I was born into a world of music, movement, beautiful fabrics, fun designs, lots of colors, and loads of flair. From the time I was three years old I was in fashion boutiques with my mom, sometimes shopping and sometimes working. I loved every minute of it! I loved watching her dress herself up and I especially admired her styling other women. I always noticed how pleased these women were. They would continue to return to her- to be able to work with her, no matter where she was. My mom's infectious energy ensured that they followed her to every boutique or fashion house, which eventually turned into our family home! My mom worked alongside a few designers and showcased their gorgeous designs on Sunday afternoons in our beautiful and bright living room. Always filled with so much fun, laughter, and vibrant articles of clothing. Growing up, there was never a dull moment.


After years of working with women, one concern was constantly brought to my mom's attention; size. Most of the funky designs available at the time were designed to fit one type of body- model-thin, size 00, etc.. For Pinky Rose Boutique, this issue was at the forefront of design principles. Femininity and womanhood are multi-dimensional. Our bodies change by our earthly seasons- whether motherhood, age, or ability- we change. We believe clothes should fit women, their seasons, beliefs, attitudes,and goals. Women should not have to feel concerned or shamed over clothing sizes. We firmly believe that every woman should feel empowered to wear what she wants. Our designs seek to give women the empowerment to look as good as they feel. 


 I wasn't always assured of my own inclusion in the Pinky Rose Boutique story, but sure enough, my mom's passion for fashion and connection was passed into my hands, and soon enough, over time, I felt that this boutique, a key piece of family history, would need to be preserved and lovingly continued. Today, the store is a two-generation, woman-owned, family-owned labor of love. We still curate and create clothes for all women. We still provide hands-on, personalized care for our clientele (whom we lovingly call our Roses or Rosebuds), while providing a luxurious experience in-store and virtually. There's still more growth to come, we hope you join us in the journey!